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Dream11 Refferal code 2022

What is Dream11, exactly? 

It is the most widely used fantasy cricket site. Other games available on the internet include football, hockey, Kabaddi, baseball, and others. All you have to do is establish teams, participate in competitions, and collect cash awards for each victory.

To receive a Rs. 100 bonus, sign up for Dream11 using the referral code. Continue reading to learn more about Dream11 Referral Code 2022

Dream11 Referral Code 2022


What Is The Dream11 Referral Code 2022 And How Do You Get It?

When you welcome your friends to Dream11 and when a friend invites you to Dream11, you both earn the Dream11 invite bonus. In both circumstances, you will receive a monetary incentive.

When your friends use their amount to enter the contest, you will receive a cash bonus. The cash incentive will be 10% of the total amount utilised from the additional funds. A maximum cash incentive of Rs.500 is possible.

You must wait two days for the bonus to be applied to your account.

The cash incentive will be given only once the person you recommended registers on Dream11 using your referral code. They’ll have to confirm their email address and phone number.

After joining on Dream11 with the referral code, you may unlock discount coupons worth Rs.200 and passes for another Rs.200 when your buddy refers you.

After entering the invite code supplied by your buddy to register in Dream11, the discount coupon will be added to your account. You’ll also need to double-check the email address and phone number.


Fantasy cricket apps are getting increasingly popular as the cricket season approaches. Dream11 is, without a doubt, the most extensively used fantasy programme. If you want to get into fantasy cricket, the Dream11 Sign up offer is a terrific way to get started.

If you wish to get the app, you won’t be able to find it on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The app may be downloaded from the Deam11 website. From time to time, different referral codes become available that may be utilised to earn a monetary reward.

Despite the fact that you may join via the internet, there are several advantages to download the app. You may get incredible deals by using the app. When you join using the Dream11 Referral code 2022, you will also receive a sign-up bonus.

To access the app download link, you must first enter your phone number. You may also contact 1800-572-9878 and leave a message. We also offer some Dream11 Tips and Tricks that you may use to increase your cash rewards when playing fantasy sports.

Dream11 Referral Code 2022

Dream11 Referral code 2022 Offer

To receive a cash bonus, you must join up using a referral code. After you’ve downloaded the app, sign up using the referral code to receive the cash incentive. By using the Dream11 Referral Code 2022, you will get Rs. 200.

To earn money, share your unique referral code with your friends once you’ve finished your registration.

Your referred buddy must use your invite code to receive the Rs.200 referral incentive, following which he or she can participate in cash leagues valued Rs.200.

If your friends’ admission costs are Rs. 30 (half of your friend’s entry fees), you will get a Rs.15 cash incentive. This manner, you may get your friends to play more games so that you can earn more referral bonuses.

If you still don’t understand how to utilise a referral code, read this article to learn everything you need to know.

Refer code : FADED14UV

What is the Dream11 Referral Code 2022 and How Do I Use It?

  • Get the app for your phone.
  • Register for a new account.
  • Use the code FADED14UV as a reference.
  • Get a referral incentive of Rs. 200.

You will receive Rs. 200 for each referral. Once your buddy has verified his or her account and joined a league, the referral money will be awarded to you. The good news is that the sign-up bonus may be used to enter contests.


How to play Dream11 in 2021? Rules to Play Dream11 in 2021

How Do I Use A Dream11 Referral Code 2022 Bonus To Play Dream11 Fantasy Sports? 

Fantasy Sports on Dream11 is simple and enjoyable. With your Referral Code Bonus, you can begin playing Fantasy Cricket on Dream 11. Simply follow a few simple steps and play your first game with your 100 bonus points.

  • Once you’ve signed up, choose any upcoming match you’d want to participate in.
  • On Dream11, create your ideal team.
  • Within 100 credits, you must form a squad using your gaming abilities and understanding of the game.
  • After that, you may participate in Free or Cash Contests and begin playing.
  • For a better knowledge of the game, you may play practise matches and they can participate in Cash Matches.

Once the match is finished, you may check your account balance to see how much money you’ve won, and you can withdraw it using the bonus you received through Referral Code. If you enjoy football, Dream11 is a great place to play fantasy football online.

Dream11 Referral Code 2022

Withdrawing money from Dream11 is simple and painless. To deposit your withdrawal amount into your bank account, simply follow a few simple procedures.

  • To withdraw money, you must first validate your account.
  • After you’ve completed that, log in to your Dream11 account and go to My Account.
  • Then, under the wins area, select the “Withdraw” option.
  • Now input the amount you want to take out of your account.
  • For processing the Dream11 withdrawal, you will get an email confirmation to your registered email address.
  • Confirm the amount of the withdrawal.
  • And that’s all there is to it!

Dream11 Referral Code 2022Dream11 Referral Code 2022Dream11 Referral Code 2022
The verification is a precautionary action that only has to be done once. To withdraw money, you must first validate your account. You won’t need to do it again until you make a change to your account. If this is your first time withdrawing money, you should be aware of the withdrawal regulation. You can withdraw a minimum of Rs.50 and a maximum of Rs.1,00,00,000 at a time under this restriction.

Within 5 working days of submitting your withdrawal request, your funds will be sent to your confirmed bank account. Your Dream11 account needs be confirmed before you request a withdrawal. You can make three withdrawal requests per day. You must complete the following steps to validate your Dream 11 account:

  • Go to the menu.
  • Click on Verify Now button.
  • Submit an OTP received on your registered mobile number to verify your phone number.
  • Dream11 will send you an email asking you to confirm your email address.
  • Verify the email by clicking the Verify Now button.
  • After that, you must enter your PAN number and upload an image of your PAN card before submitting your information.
  • You’ll also need to input your bank account information and attach a copy of your bank account evidence.
  • The verification procedure takes ten days, after which you will receive your updates.

How to Win at Dream11 by Competing Against Other Sports Fans

Dream11 hosts a variety of entertaining contests and activities in which its sports-obsessed customers may win cash and prizes. This time, the app has launched a competition in which users may compete with other sports fans and win prizes.

Each referral might earn you up to Rs.500 in extra money. Of a buddy who enters the competition.

Contest Details:

  • Use the Dream11 App to play.
  • Participate in a public contest or build your own private contest.
  • Have a one-on-one or group conversation with pals.
  • Put them to the test in the competition.
  • Invite your friends and family
  • Earn up to Rs.500 for each person you suggest who joins.

You may earn up to Rs.500 each time a friend you suggest enters the contest by following these easy steps.

What exactly is Fantasy Cricket, and how does it operate?

Fantasy Cricket is an online cricket game in which you design your own virtual cricket team. You optimise the budget you’ve set aside and earn points based on how your chosen players perform in real-world games.

To win a fantasy cricket league, you must work hard to get the most points and the top spot in the standings. When your friends download the app and start playing tournaments, you may earn extra rewards.

Website of Dream11

Dream11 Refferal code 2022

It’s an online fantasy gaming platform where you may make money while playing your favourite sports. In 2022, it will be India’s most popular fantasy gaming platform.

It’s a multi-sport gaming platform that lets you play cricket, football, and Kabaddi in the same place. To make money by playing games, you must first choose a match, then assemble your squad from a list of available players, and then enter the game.

Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth co-founded this gaming platform in 2008, and it has since grown to become India’s largest and most popular fantasy sports site.

The firm has been successful in forming partnerships with the International Cricket Council, the Pro Kabaddi League, the International Hockey Federation, the WBBL, and the BBL, all of which have helped to its success in recent years.

The online gaming service made headlines lately after announcing an official agreement with the Indian Premier League. The gaming platform is remarkable and exceptional. The company’s official brand ambassador is MS Dhoni.

App Dream11

Dream11 Refferal code 2022

This software is straightforward but appealing. It offers a fantastic user interface that draws players into the game. The programme is simple to use and may be used straight immediately after downloading.

Previously, this online gaming programme could be downloaded via the Google Play Store. All fantasy sports applications were suddenly removed from the Google Play Store. As a result, this app is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

But don’t worry, the app can be downloaded directly from the gaming website. We’ve included instructions on how to get the app and start playing and earning money below.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to Dream11 tips and techniques for winning contests and making money. If you miss your childhood days and enjoy playing online games, download Dream11 and play a variety of sports games while earning real money.

So that’s everything there is to know about the Dream11 Referral Program. Sign up with a referral code to be eligible for a bonus on the Dream 11 app. It is one of India’s greatest Fantasy Sports applications.

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