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How Google meet is different from Google Chat

What’s the difference between Google Meet and Google Chat, and how do I use them?

Here, we will discuss How Google meet is different from Google Chat. These applications function as communications services, allowing one-on-one or group text, audio, or video conversations. They’re available as applications for iOS, Android, and the web, as well as in Gmail, YouTube, and Google Voice. It’s essentially a practical and cost-effective collaboration tool for both individuals and businesses. Chat is a messaging program that functions similarly to Slack, but it’s only accessible for Google Workplace users right now, allowing you to exchange Docs, Sheets, and Slides with coworkers. Google Meet is a consumer video calling software for up to 30 people that competes with Zoom and will appeal to a wide range of consumers outside of companies.

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Google Meet is a service that allows you to have group conversations and meetings.

According to Google, Meet is “a video meeting experience with one goal: to make attending meetings simple.” The firm intended to make it easier and faster for people to establish and attend video conferences using Hangouts.

Hangouts Meet features a simple, quick interface that lets you easily manage up to 250 people in a meeting. You used to require a G Suite account to start meetings, but Google is now making it open to everyone – with varying levels of capabilities. It’s at, and it’ll run in your browser if you’re on a PC.

Google Chat is used for team and project collaboration.

The term “chat” refers to a conversation “a team-oriented, intelligent, and secure communication medium Chat makes team communication simple and effective, from direct messaging to team chat rooms.” According to Google. The concept is that teams working on a project should be able to communicate about assignments, exchange work, and so on – it’s a lot like Slack.

Virtual rooms with threaded chats and connections with other Google products, such as Drive, are available in Chat. It’s another basic and light design that’s quick to use, and you can find it at – albeit Chat is only available to G Suite subscribers.

What exactly is Google Meet and how does it function?

Meetings through videoconference

You’ll just share a link to start your meetings. If you’re already a Google user and registered into a browser like Chrome, there will be no need for accounts, plugins, downloads, or other difficulties. A link from Google Calendar, an email invitation, or an ad-hoc sharing can all be used. It’s also easy to phone in from a conference room, your laptop, or a specialized mobile app with just a few clicks.


Although the sharing choices aren’t as dynamic as those found in Zoom, there is the beneficial ability to share a single Chrome tab, Meet enables native, full-screen presenting, which makes it easier to demonstrate your team’s ideas.

Integration with Google Suite

G Suite is a collection of Google’s cloud-based services that may provide your organization or institution with a new way to collaborate online. You will receive a domain name as well as access to Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other G Suite services such as Meet. Each meeting has its own unique dial-in phone line for G Suite Enterprise clients.

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What is the procedure for using Google Chat?

What is the procedure for using Google Chat?

Rooms that are virtual (channels)

Speak includes specialized virtual rooms for each project your team may be working on, as well as threaded chats that allow your team to chat while also keeping track of the discussion’s progress.

It also has a lot of G Suite integration, so you can share anything from Drive and Docs, as well as see photos and videos from a discussion right away. There’s also a filterable search feature that lets you go back and look at past threads.

Integrations with third parties

Because chat is also a platform, you may expect third-party integrations in the form of bots, allowing your staff to do more inside their conversations. It already has partnerships with Asana, Box, Prosperworks, and Zendesk.

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