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What is Telegram?


Telegram is a freeware, (end to end encrypted by default) cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging (IM) software and … With Instant View, Telegram users can read articles from mass media or blogs in a uniform and readable way. These days telegram is very popular among youth especially students. In a simple language, it is not only a messaging app but is a search engine as well as a cloud application. In this article, we will see how to use telegram in 2021 and its features.


History of Telegram

History of telegram

Launched in August 2013 gathered a number of users as it was an open-source and featured packed nature. Telegram recently received a push with many new users flocking to it after a new WhatsApp privacy policy caused chaos in the tech community.

Features of Telegram

Telegram provides end-to-end encrypted calls and optional end-to-end encrypted “secret” chats between two online users on a smartphone.  Telegram secret message

Group features

1).Up to 2,00,000 members

2). Persistent chat history

3). Public links such as

4).Admin with different rights

Telegram group features


  • You can browse any movie using movies

Telegram movie browsing

  • Channels can be created for a lot of people where they can get the right stuff and these channels are very much beneficial for the students                                                                Telegram channel    Telegram channel name

How to use Telegram in 2021?

How to use telegram

Using Telegram is not a big deal it is mostly the same as other app uses. You can make Telegram I’d by using your cell number after downloading it from the play store or AppStore.

After downloading put your cell no.  You will receive an OTP. By using that OTP you will be able to create your account. You can add your profile pic using that option. Mainly normal chats are not secure in telegram but the secret message is secure.

Telegram phone verification

Telegram verification code

You can create a public or private channel as per requirement, add a profile pic, and a Description of the channel. The public channel will be accessible to all whereas the private channel can be joined by clicking on the link provided by the channel member. Channel URL can be shared after creating it. You can share a referral link as well as an affiliate link so that income can be generated.

In the menu section click on the settings there you will find a username section after creating a username any person can search you by username. An URL of your name will also be generated automatically. You don’t need a cell number, unlike WhatsApp. A person can be searched using the username.

telegram Channel name


In the setting section, you can set your privacy, such as Profile pic, last Seen, Forward Message, Calls, Groups, Mobile number, Blocked contacts, etc.

People, the nearby option is there in the app by switching ON this feature we can find the people nearby us of our contact.

You can run two or more I’d in a single app, unlike WhatsApp where you will need parallel space for running WhatsApp. We can multiple accounts in Telegram.

two id in telegram

Telegram is a chat messenger as well as a search engine, many things can be searched such as movie web-series, channels, groups, etc. By simply searching in the search option.

By searching the save option you will get a save data interface. After clicking on that you will get your cloud data storage where you can save as much data you can. Data such as video, excel sheet, APK file, etc. The benefit of this is that you can install it on your laptop and then retrieve data whenever necessary. So in this way, data can be shared to smartphones as well as to Laptops or vice versa.

Mostly Telegram used by students for study purposes, Some people use this for searching web series and for cloud storage. Telegram has recently got popular due to WhatsApp’s recent policy update. Now, Telegram has more than 25 million active users.

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