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Learning licence in simple words

Here, we will discuss, Learning licence in simple words

Learning License: All you would like to Know!

In today’s day and age, knowing the way to drive a automobile is an important skill set that one must master to swiftly travel around places. With road transport becoming/proving to be a simple mode/means of travel, many of us are choosing a automobile that might help them reach places. But first, to be ready to freely drive the automobile on Indian roads, you would like to have a legitimate driver’s license (DL). The automobiles Act, 1988 makes it mandatory for citizens to carry a legitimate driver’s license to drive on Indian roads. It clearly states that a private cannot drive a automobile without a legitimate driver’s license (DL). the primary step towards getting a driver’s license in India is to acquire a learning licence (LL).

Learning licence in simple words

A learner’s licence may be a document issued by the regional transport office (RTO) that acts as a provisional and restricted driver’s license . to urge a learner’s licence, one must remember of all the traffic rules and regulations and must pass the written test.

After getting a learner’s licence, you’ll be allowed to practice driving on Indian roads provided you’re accompanied/supervised by an individual holding a legitimate driver’s license . you’ll apply for this sort of licence only by the age of 16.

Before you get a driver’s license , obtaining a learner’s licence for the precise class of auto may be a must. And for this, knowing about various sorts of learner’s licence is vital .

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Types of Learner’s Licence in India

Learner’s licence is issued to a candidate on the idea of the category of the vehicle he wants to find out to drive. concerning that vehicle type, here may be a list of sorts of learner’s licence you’ll get in India. In India, driver’s license and learner’s licence is issued on the idea of the subsequent categories:

Learning licence in simple words

For Personal Use:

  • MC 50CC (Motorcycle 50 cc) is a licence class for cars with engines that are fifty cc or less.
  • Light automobile used for non-transport purposes (LMV) – NT licence class
  • Motorcycles with any engine capacity but no gears, such as scooters and mopeds, are classified as FVG.
  • Motorcycles of a capacity of fifty cubic centimetres or more, motorcycles with gear, and lightweight motorcycles are all eligible for the MC EX50CC licence class. automobiles (LMVs), which include automobiles

For all types of autos, including those with gear, the MCWG or M / CYCL.WG licence class is used.

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For Commercial Use:

  • HGMV vehicle class for Heavy Goods automobile
  • LMV – TR vehicle class for Light automobile used for commercial purposes
  • HPMV vehicle class for heavy passenger vehicles
  • LMV – NT vehicle class for light automobiles used for non-transport purposes
  • MGV (medium goods vehicle) vehicle class
  • Eligibility Criteria in India for Obtaining a Learner’s Permit

Documents Required/Necessary for Obtaining a Learner’s Permit

It’s critical to have all of the necessary documents when applying for a learner’s permit to ensure a smooth process.

documents on the spot Here is a list of documentation that an applicant may need to submit while applying for a learner’s permit.

It is necessary to retain this information on hand. The following documents are necessary to apply for a learner’s licence in India:

Applicants who apply for a learner’s permit online must submit scanned copies of the documents listed below.

Learning licence in simple words

Proof of Age (You can submit any of the below documents)

  • PAN Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Mark sheet of 10th class
  • Passport

With a reference of the date of birth, a school transfer certificate is issued.

Proof of Address (You can submit any of the below documents)

  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • LIC Policy Bond
  • Passport
  • Last month’s telephone or electricity bill
  • If you’re a resident of another city and are staying on rent, then you’ll submit registered house rent agreement along side recent utility bills.

Other documents

  1. Application fees for learner’s licence
  2. a minimum of 6 passport-size photographs
  3. Medical certificate with Form 1 and 1A signed by a licensed government doctor
  4. Completely filled form – you’ll get the shape online or at your nearest RTO office

How can I get a learner’s permit in India?

A learner’s licence in India are often obtained via two ways, i.e. online and offline. It’s best to choose how which will fit your budget, requirement and also assist you save time.

  • the way to apply for a  Learning licence in simple words, online in India?

Many state RTO websites in India now let you to apply for a learner’s licence online, thanks to technological advancements.

Though the processes may differ from state to state, the general application process is as follows: Look up your state.

There is an online transportation website. Check to see if you may apply for a learner’s permit online. If the website for your state’s transportation department allows it,

If you want to submit an application online, this is the procedure you must follow: You’ll have to replenish your basic supplies.

information such as your name, father’s name, district, zip code, and Aadhar card number

You’ll need to send scanned copies of your proofs of age and address.


Few state transport websites allow you to pick the actual slot for your learner’s licence test, while others provide you with a form which you’ll need to submit at your nearest RTO before scheduling your test. If you’re ready to book your learner’s licence exam online, you’ll need to pay online and print a receipt, which you’ll need to provide at the test. To avoid any delays, arrive at the RTO office or learner’s licence test centre on time to take the learner’s licence test.

  • How can I apply for a learning licence in India without going online?

If you’re unsure about the web application process or if your state transport department doesn’t provide you with a web application service, then you’ll easily apply for a learning licence at your nearest RTO office.

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